Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Martini is in The House

A must read story by one of my all-time favorite writers! I asked Monica Bretherton to join me for a special event at Emerald Downs, and to cover the story about a reunion of a race horse and his trainer and jockey. This is a true story showing the bittersweet nature of racing - with a happy ending for all! Click here for the story


Sarah...if that is your real name

Last Sunday we rescued another mare from the Skagit County Auction - a 18 yr old OTTB. We were told she had been an eventer. Her owner wanted to go up a level and needed a younger horse. Sarah, the name we were given, had given this person two foals, and who knows how many years of service. This is the sad fate of so many off the track Thoroughbreds. Competitive riders often use them until they can't perform, or perform at the level they want them to. Rather than provide retirement for them, the horses are dumped at an auction or feed lot regardless of the potential risk of the horse being shipped to a slaughterhouse in Mexico or Canada.

No one bid on this absolutely beautiful, sound, kind horse. She did not come with papers, but she does have a tattoo. Her registered name is Vaguely Tequila, foaled in Texas in 1990. She has gracious and bombproof manners both on the ground and under saddle. Perfectly sound, and seemingly talented. I would love to know how a horse of this calibur nearly ended up on the meat wagon.

Sarah is at our Snohomish facility, up for adoption!