Friday, December 19, 2008

More on Slaughter...

Some want to bring it back - make it legal again. Really?

“I saw horses that were dead in trailers, with their legs ripped off, with their faces smashed in, eyeballs dangling, and these horses, some of them were still alive. They were just standing there,” said Caramante. Read the full story - my good friend Steve Long was interviewed with a horse he adopted from Second Chance Ranch.

And that is just the transportation. It is not an isolated incident - it is the sick truth about 50,000 - 100,000 horses per year. Does the magnitude of that number even register with you? The few people I have come across who are in favor of horse slaughter have been grossly misguided and have absolutely no clue what is involved in the transport or actual violent murder of these animals.

What about laws to protect horses from inhumane treatment? Exactly. WHAT happened to that? I will tell you - the laws that "could" protect a horse from violence and abuse are vaguely written and NOT enforced. You could call a sheriff from any county in the country and tell them a double-decker truck with injured horses is going down the freeway (both of which are illegal) and I can guarantee they wouldn't do anything about it.

For decades horse slaughter has been violent and cruel to the point that if you did something like that on your own property, you would not only be arrested, but probably admitted to a mental institution.

Bringing slaughter back is not the answer to anything. It won't help any situation that is going on. The point of extinguishing the practice of horse slaughter was to "evolve". Humanely euthanize domestic horses because they ARE pets and/or active in the work force of sports and other valuable positions (agriculture, police force, therapy are just a few examples).

It is absurd that we, as a society, have to discuss this and that there has to be a law forcing people to do the right thing. Tens of millions of dollars and tens of millions of people have worked for many years to accomplish the closure of horse slaughter. It's OVER. Get used to the idea that you will have to "humanely" euthanize domestic animals. Dogs, cats, and yes, horses, because soon it will be illegal to ship them out of the country for slaughter as well.

I dare ANY one who thinks we make slaughter illegal to watch the video on this news station. If after watching the truth about how the horses are transported, delivered, housed and then killed - if then, you still think it's an acceptable practice ... get some help!